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Optimising global logistics from the first mile to the last

Whether we’re talking about business customers or consumers, people increasingly view sophisticated logistics as a valuable selling point. They want their product faster, on time, with transparent tracking, and even white-glove service. As a global logistics provider, we can help you to optimise your logistics network and enhance your supply chain performance. Logistics optimisation delivers smoother transport flows, end-to-end visibility, improved on-time delivery, lower costs, and a differentiated customer experience. How we do this? By:

1. Building a sustainable supply chain

Fast-changing markets, supply chain disruption, geo-politics, new customer expectations, and shorter lifecycles are forcing organisations to rethink their supply chain strategies. Sustainable supply chain management adds value by ensuring your logistics networks are responsive and flexible to changing customer needs.

2. Think global while acting local everywhere

Whether you call it cross-trade or triangular trade, third-party shipments or foreign-to-foreign shipments, multinational transactions in which an organisation in one country buys products in another country for direct sale in a third country are growing. Cross-trades reduce lead-times, accelerate response times and increase product choice and availability. As well as cutting transport and warehousing management costs, cross-trades also help to reduce costs related to duties and taxes.

3. Turn global logistics strategy into a unique selling point

Data, the Internet of Things, and real-time telematics open the door to developing excellent distribution models that also provide a unique selling point. In this world, choosing a global logistics strategy is a key business decision that defines how you want to serve your customers and how you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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