“My goal: offering same-day delivery alongside the now 100% reliable next-day options.”

Susan – CEO
Retail business

“My goal: offering same-day delivery alongside the now 100% reliable next-day options.”

Susan – CEO
Retail business

Distribution as a differentiator

Make ‘next-day’ look slow. Too busy always dealing with yesterday’s deliveries, Susan needed to streamline her distribution. At the same time, she saw an opportunity to leapfrog the competition. Her goal: to offer same-day delivery alongside the now 100% reliable next-day options. She chose the Caroz control tower solution to solve the last-mile problem that was holding her back. Now as well as vans, Susan’s company is using cargo-bikes, drop boxes and click & collect – omni-channel distribution – to differentiate itself, build market share, and increase brand recognition.

Here’s how Caroz and Caroz, THE control tower can help you to turn distribution into a unique selling point:

The factors to think about

Transforming your global supply chain strategy and local distribution model into a USP requires weighting the choices involved and picking the best option per market, per organisation, or per product type. These are the factors you need to consider, weight, and rank:

  • Response time
  • Product variety
  • Product availability
  • Customer experience and service
  • Time to market
  • Order visibility
  • Returnability
  • Cost structure

Your tailormade model for transport coordination

Creating a distribution USP begins with making the right decisions. This requires deep customer insight plus in-depth knowledge of your customers’ markets and products. Distribution design and transport coordination are our core business. Drawing on this, we combine your knowledge of your customers, markets, and products with our knowledge of supply chain strategy and logistics. Our business process engineers then translate these specifics into a sustainable supply chain strategy and help you to:

  • Choose the right distribution channels
  • Choose the right locations for distribution centres and warehouses
  • Choose the right transport modes
  • Choose the right carrier for a specific job anywhere in the world

From drawing board to the implementation and coordination of your distribution model, the Caroz control tower supports tailormade solutions and the efficient implementation of a sustainable supply chain strategy. Our independent control tower and global network of 3PL carriers and facilities makes implementing distribution channels a simple plug & play exercise.