Caroz Market Update: Headhaul rates & Sustainability

In 2023, ocean freight rates have reached their lowest levels since August 2020. What does that mean for the ocean freight and what can we expect? In this Market Update, we’ll explore the latest data and factors behind this trend, providing insights for those involved in the global supply chain. 

In addition, we follow the sustainability progress within the ocean freight. More about that in this Market Update!

CAROZ’s eye opener: The global political and economic challenges have resulted in a lack of stability in the current situation. It is uncertain what will happen next, which has led to a lot of uncertainty in various sectors. It is therefore crucial to closely monitor the market and quickly respond to changes. Being flexible and anticipating potential future scenarios is critical. Only by acting proactively and responding quickly to unexpected events can businesses and organizations protect themselves from the potential negative consequences of uncertainty and instability. 

On the other hand; Sustainability is going fast! It seems that every day new sustainability projects are getting released. You can’t go around it anymore. We love to see it!

Want to know more?

Each monthly update we will highlight the developments within the Ocean freight market including the following topics:

  • Trending topic: Headhaul Rates & Sustainability
  • Space & rate developments
  • Port developments & congestion
  • Freight Indices & Container Availability
  • How to mitigate risks

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