Caroz Market Update: Blank sailings are increasing significantly

Caroz Market Update September 2022

From Asia to the US West Coast, the average capacity has fallen to its lowest since February in the past four weeks, according to new data from online rate platform Xeneta. Over this period, 275,000 TEU on average has left Asia heading for the US West Coast. That is about 50,000 TEU less than the peak in early August.

European market update: THE European Transport market outlined

The current geopolitical situation, macro- economic uncertainty and record-breaking inflation in Europe are affecting the transport sector severely. Over the last two years we have seen a huge imbalance in the European market and in ocean freight.

Market update: Growing Covid numbers Asia & China

While Covid-19 cases in Europe have been declining in recent weeks, the situation in Asia has developed in a different direction. A multitude of countries within the continent are showing an explosion of rising covid-19 cases, despite of the strict outbreak-prevention policies which have been put in place in many of the countries.