Caroz in 90 Sec.

Scheduling transportation, making sure everything arrives on time, billing and complaints – they are all part of the daily business of logistics. This type of work has a way of taking up a lot of time and effort. Wouldn’t you rather use that time to focus on your company’s core business? See below in 90 seconds what we can do for you.




Dr. James is your personal transport manager. We organise your (worldwide) logistics – completely independently. Think of us as an extension of your own internal organisation. Together we will raise your logistics to a higher level. With your personal dashboard, you are always in control. Our independent coordination centre makes everything transparent at a glance. That’s what ‘completely carefree’ is all about: crystal clear and stress-free.


Our experts are the driving force behind our independent coordination centre. They are specialised, flexible and have years of experience in logistics – making them the ideal sparring partner. We will work with you in examining how to organise your company even more efficiently and cleverly. We have the right focus and attention to detail to connect all the right links.

Ready to say goodbye to logistics headaches? Let us know – we’re ready and waiting.