Caroz Enterprise Portal 

We connect logistics data within the supply chain, which data is then clearly set out on the platform. We create an environment in which you are no longer confronted with surprises, but get a grip on the logistics process. By collecting data and automating the process, we make your work more enjoyable. Our aim is to offer smart logistics as a continuous driver of improvement and growth.

How it works 

At the click of a button, you will gain access to MyShipments for your daily control information. Among other things, you will have the option to track shipments, identify supply chain problems at an early stage and build up a digital file containing all relevant information. Through MyQuote, you can request a quote quickly and efficiently. This will mark the start of an online file which is easy to check at any time. Using our application MyKPI, you can analyse the performance of your logistics and decide whether your logistics targets have been achieved. In short, you will always have your eye on the ball while we will help you tweak and optimise the process.

ERP integration with Caroz 

ERP systems form the basis of a company’s records and ensure that key processes are administered in one company-wide information and management system. Logistics data and processes are essential within ERP systems, but obtaining this information efficiently often poses a challenge.

Caroz works intensively with ERP suppliers and other partner companies in realising links with our customers. It is therefore very easy for us to connect the Caroz Enterprise Portal to our customers’ ERP systems. Because of the standard interfaces, it always works and does not entail any implementation risk. As a result, our logistics data perfectly supplements the ERP systems used by our customers.


Caroz integrates with ERP systems such as the following: