Corona Virus – update 11-02-2020

CarozPlus offices
In light of the wellbeing of our people and to minimize the exposure to the virus we have decided to let our China staff to work from their homes.
Our state-of-the-art ERP system fully supports working remote, meaning WE ARE 100% BACK IN BUSINESS without limitations.

Despite our teams being fully operational from February 10th there are several factors we would like to inform our clients about related the current environment in China that may bring possible disruptions in the Supply Chain:

At the moment strict measures, such as controlling the movement of people and vehicles are being taken across the country. These controlling measures have significant impact on the return of workforce across china.

Below snapshot gives you a brief overview of the current situation in our industry:

Companies need to comply with registration / health and safety regulations as outlined by local governments, non-compliance consequently means companies/factories are not allowed to re-open.

Shipping Lines
(most) Lines encourage their staff to work from home.
Minor impact on day to day business till date
Impact expected in case bookings/activity resume in full.

Sea/Air-port operations
Ports are fully operational
Further blank / cancellations of sailings/flights are expected

Rail operations
Wuhan terminal. Operations have been postponed till at least 29.2.2020
Xi’an terminal. Operates normally. Keep in mind that due to closing Wuhan terminal demand via Xi’an could increase rapidly.

China customs operates normally

Factories / Trucking companies / Warehouses
Biggest impact is seen here at this moment
Running with either reduced capacity due to shortages of workers/staff or postponed re-openings resulting in delays of production and shipment.

Feel free to contact us in case you have specific questions and /or concerns related the impact of the above on your business.