PRESS RELEASE Helmond, 13th May 2019 

NUNNER Logistics takes over 4PL provider “Caroz” 

NUNNER Logistics from Helmond (NL) takes over Caroz Coordination Center. Caroz, founded in Venlo (NL) in 2000, was one of the first players on the Dutch market to focus on so-called control tower (or 4PL) activities at the start of this millennium. Caroz coordinates, streamlines and saves on logistics activities from a wide range of clients. The company has since developed into a renowned name in the 4PL industry, which independently – without burden or consultation – searches transparently for the best solutions for its customers. The company manages a logistics portfolio with an annual turnover of around 200 million Euros and has five branches in China in addition to its head office in Venlo. 

“As a niche player, Caroz has an increasingly important role for our customers with our advanced IT solutions, efficient processes and our experienced specialists,” said Rudy Claessens, CEO of Caroz. “Thanks to the connection with NUNNER Logistics, we can excel even further and bring our services to a higher level. Today is therefore a new milestone for both Caroz employees and our customers. ” 

Erwin Cootjans, CEO of NUNNER Logistics, adds: “We see strong growth in the 4PL segment of the logistics market and expect this trend to continue. Through the transaction with Caroz, NUNNER is able to offer existing and new clients a fully independent end-to-end 4PL solution. ” 

Both Cootjans and Claessens emphasize that it has been laid down that Caroz will continue to maintain an independent position within the group and that the cooperation focuses primarily on knowledge exchange, R&D and IT development. Claessens will continue to be involved as a minority shareholder in order to realize the new ambitions and to safeguard Caroz’s neutral position. 

 About NUNNER Logistics : 

Founded in 1955 in Austria, the company today has its headquarters in Helmond, the Netherlands. The company offers an integrated portfolio of logistics services that cover the entire supply chain from source to end user. Nunner invents, develops, integrates, sells and implements advanced logistics solutions deployed for and by clients – in all areas of industry and trade – to develop transparent, cost-efficient and reliable supply chain and distribution systems. The company has 27 branches throughout Europe.


About Caroz Coordination Center : 

Founded in 2000 in Venlo has its head office in Venlo and five offices in China under the name CarozPlus. Caroz provides worldwide coverage for our customers and sets the new standard in logistics with a unique approach. By coordinating logistics flows in an independent, transparent manner and from a central perspective as a control tower, Caroz increases the competitive power of its customers. By simplifying knowledge-intensive and time-consuming processes, Caroz provides a total concept to improve the supply chain together with its customers.