European market update: THE European Transport market outlined

The current geopolitical situation, macro- economic uncertainty and record-breaking inflation in Europe are affecting the transport sector severely. Over the last two years we have seen a huge imbalance in the European market and in ocean freight.

Severe problems have arisen, not only in transport by road, but also in intermodal, short-sea and rail distribution. Shortages, pricing increases and delays are becoming more and more common.

This European Market Update provides background information on the situation and looks forward to what is expected to come. We are acutely aware of the impact the current situation is having on our customers and strive to ease the burden of the issues they are experiencing. Our operators are flexible and always looking for ways to reduce uncertainties.

Want to know more?

Each monthly update we will highlight the developments within the Ocean freight market including the following topics:

  • THE European Transport market outlined
  • European road transportation experiences multiple difficulties
  • European road freight market projected to grow by 4.9% in 2022
  • Short-sea transport issues
  • EU mobility package is affecting intermodal solutions
  • Conclusion
  • What will be next?

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