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Be in great company: Caroz clients

Companies that work with Caroz see significant operating improvements, enjoy end-to-end visibility, and their supply chains become more sustainable and agile. They are also better able to respond to market needs, improve their on-time delivery, and enjoy significant cost savings. Customer satisfaction & customer loyalty is what we strive for. This results in strategic partnerships with our clients that are continuing for decades. All this is because we put you at the heart of our story. So our story is not about us, it’s about you and what we can do for you. Here are a few client cases.

Superunie – optimising transport management individually and collectively

Superunie is a purchasing cooperative representing 13 independent retail organisations operating some 1,700 stores in the Netherlands.
Before partnering with Caroz, Superunie was using various logistics providers and transportation flows. Today, as Superunie’s smart control tower, Caroz optimises distribution at individual company level and manages carriers and transportation at cooperative level, too. The combination of systems, processes, and experienced transport planners relieves Superunie of the burden of transport coordination and management since the beginning of the partnership in 2015.

Fabory – a central logistics platform for transport management

For Fabory, a leading European wholesaler in the fastener industry – screws, bolts, pins, etc – incoming and outgoing logistics are subject to frequent change.
To be flexible, Fabory needs visibility in its supply chain and to be in control of both logistics flows. The Caroz control tower provides Fabory with a complete overview of shipment data, documentation, costs, and logistics control information all in one place: the Caroz Enterprise Portal. The result is more insight, more control, and lower logistics and supply chain management costs – everything Fabory needs to operate a future-proof supply chain.

Koninklijke Paardekooper Group – co-creating an optimal logistics network

De Koninklijke Paardekooper Group is the authority in sustainable packaging solutions for fruit and vegetable, food service and catering companies, retail, industry, and horticulture.
The company was seeking a long-term partner back in 2013, to optimise its logistics processes and leverage the benefits of recent business acquisitions and integrations. With efficiency, synchronisation, control, and insight being paramount, De Koninklijke Paardekoper Group now uses Caroz to handle and coordinate import transport flows and to act as a strategic partner across the different business units for over 8 years and counting.

SABIC – the right insight for the logistics of tomorrow

Chemical industry leader SABIC is present in 50 countries worldwide and its portfolio covers petrochemicals, agri nutrients, and metals.
Caroz mapped its logistics network and processes by analysing data and interviewing employees. We then translated this input into a concrete business case comprising four improvement scenarios aimed at a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable logistics network. The insights gained from this make it possible to further improve SABIC and to be ready for future supply chain challenges.

Südzucker – control tower support for independent coordination

Südzucker is a client of the first hour and this partnership has evolved over the last 20 years. Südzucker is a key food industry player and the EU’s leading ethanol producer, wanted to expand its UK market share.
Central to this ambition was to redesign its European distribution model to reflect UK customer requirements. Caroz helped the company to choose the right distribution channels, set up warehousing inventory, and to set transport management strategies. We also implemented the new model, coordinated by our control tower. The result is increased flexibility, faster delivery, improved reliability, and increased market share in the UK and Ireland.

Vanderlande – using smart logistics to serve customers better

Vanderlande, a specialist in logistic process automation at airports, warehouses, and in the parcel market, wanted more insight into the efficiency of its internal transport flows.
The company asked Caroz to help because of our analytical capabilities, practical approach, and independent position between Vanderlande and its suppliers. The resulting research and changes helped the company to improve its logistics processes, serve its customers better, and lay the groundwork for a future-proof logistics network.

Samsung – an efficient solution that delivers more than efficiency

Samsung, a leader in a huge number of diverse businesses, began insourcing its supply chain activities in 2008. It soon realised that success is defined by more than just cost efficiency.
Facing challenges like decentralised and outsourced warehousing management at most of its European distribution centres, lack of visibility, and insufficient control over its transport flows, management decided the company needed to take a different approach. Samsung implemented the Caroz TMS solution and transformed its supply chain operations.

Home decorations supplier – from a manual to a digital logistics platform

A home decoration business wanted to automate its logistics handling process. With an extensive customer portfolio involving over 25,000 shipments per year, coordination and cost-efficient planning were challenging.
The company chose our TMS ProcurementManager and ShipmentManager solutions. These automatically consolidate shipments, calculate rates, and identify carrier options. The Home decoration company can instruct the system which carrier to select based on speed, cost or other requirements, and book the transport. Invoicing is automatic. The switch increased planning and financial efficiency by 50%, saved 10% on transport costs, and saved a further 5% by eliminating invoicing errors.

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