Caroz Marktupdate: droogte Panamakanaal

The ongoing drought in the Panama Canal is something to take very seriously. Not only is this a ‘problem’ for the ocean freight, but it is also one of so many signs that climate change is actually happening and that we need to make sure that, among other things, the ocean freight needs to start becoming as sustainable as possible.

In addition, it is a good sign many freight forwarders think a recovery is coming for container demand. You can read exactly what all this is about in this market update!

CAROZ’s eye opener:

The prolonged drought in the Panama Canal serves as a strong reminder of the urgency to address climate change. Its impact extends beyond the challenges faced by ocean freight, serving as a clear indication that we must prioritize sustainability in this industry. It is crucial that we take proactive measures to ensure that ocean freight becomes increasingly sustainable in the face of these environmental changes.

The survey results indicate cautious optimism among freight forwarders regarding container demand recovery. However, the absence of a peak season and the presence of multiple industry challenges suggest that the market may not experience substantial price effects in the near future.

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Each monthly update we will highlight the developments within the Ocean freight market including the following topics:

  • Trending topic: Panama Canal drought
  • Rail & Air | Asia – Europe
  • Space & rate developments
  • Port developments & congestion
  • Freight Indices & Container Availability
  • How to mitigate risks

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