Caroz presents: THE Horti Tower

Navigating the horticultural domain demands not just know-how, but a green-thumb-level understanding of logistics – whether it’s getting those first bricks in place or ensuring those greenhouses run like a well-oiled machine. 

And now we present: Caroz, THE Horti Tower!  This isn’t just a department; it’s a dedicated team that’s all about international greenhouse jigsaw puzzles and fulfilling every horticultural need. 

Unload your logistics difficulties onto us, and we’ll work our magic like logistics wizards.  Steel? Yep! Sandwich panels? You got it! Gutters, glass, irrigation contraptions, boilers, rooftop cleaners – we’ve got you covered.  We ensure everything comes together at the construction site precisely when needed.

Optimize your Horti logistics with Caroz, THE Horti Tower and experience optimal logistics, no hassle. 

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