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Scheduling transportation, ensuring everything arrives on time, issuing bills, and handling complaints are all part of the daily business of logistics. Whether this is part of your company’s core business or a time-consuming secondary function, we can help you. With our seven promises, we set out what you can expect from our control and TMS solutions:

Our 7 promises to you

  1. An optimal solution every time
  2. Efficiency up, mistakes down
  3. Best-for-you independent advice
  4. Global reach, local understanding
  5. Less hassle, less worry, less management time
  6. A tailormade supply chain model
  7. Better logistics and better business


THE company: from freight forwarder to 4PL control tower leader

Caroz began as a freight-forwarder, in 2000. Today, as a global fourth-party logistics (4PL) leader, we focus on streamlining business. We supply the most advanced transport management software – Caroz, THE TMS – and the leading control tower solution, Caroz, THE control tower. As a trusted independent party, we don’t own any trucks, trains, planes, or ships. We don’t own any warehousing or distribution centres either. Result: we can do what is best for you without having to consider anyone else’s interests.

Company history

Caroz sets up as forwarding company specialising in road freight within Europe. Over the next 10 years, we add modalities for sea freight, air freight, and rail freight, plus multimodal solutions.
Further establishment of our global footprint by the expansion of our logistics network & services within China & the Asia Pacific.
Launch of the Caroz Coordination Centre, an independent, neutral, and cross-chain control tower. We start developing and building the independent control tower methodology.
Implementing first Control Tower customer in China. Separately, Caroz opens its new head office in Hong Kong.
Founding of the CarozPlus China organisation, now Caroz, THE China connection, with additional locations besides Hong Kong in Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Shenzhen.
We reach a tipping point in our control towers services with the addition of a number of major customers to our portfolio.

Become part of logistics specialist Baerbergh Holding. This is a strategic decision to accelerate our growth and enable us to set the new standard in logistics worldwide.

Open office in Rotterdam, the heart of the ocean freight market. This office incorporates an established control tower system and is one of the first fruits of our accelerated growth strategy.
Open new headquarters and state-of-the-art global control tower hub in Venlo, The Netherlands.
Take over Informore, the 30-year leader in logistics software solutions, to create Caroz, THE TMS.

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