THE control tower

Your control tower solution: optimal logistics, no hassle

With business environments becoming increasingly complex, the need to see into and control your logistics network is greater than ever. This requires an in-depth understanding of what needs to be managed and deep knowledge of the options available to run a complex web of internal and external partners. Or you can leave it to us and Caroz, THE control tower.

Caroz, THE control tower

Caroz, THE control tower is a control tower logistics solution that combines the best of people, systems, and data to deliver a clear and customer-centric vision that will keep your business ahead of the competition. Caroz, THE control tower not only provides real-time end-to-end visibility of demand and supply transport flows, it also has collaboration at its core. Our experienced logistics professionals analyse your supply chain performance metrics, ready to intervene before an event even occurs. And because we understand which factors are critical (and which matter less), we can orchestrate your supply chain to deliver better predictions, better output, and better business. Use the Caroz control tower solution to add value when:

  • You are highly dependent on logistics providers
  • You find comparing and selecting suppliers time-consuming
  • Export and logistics are not part of your core business
  • Lack of logistics information is causing problems
  • Competing customer orders are impacting on your transport options

Independent advice per transport flow and supply chain

Fully independent of logistics companies, logistics networks, and their warehousing and DC hubs, we can select from multiple scenarios and management options based on lead time, costs, service, and risk of disturbance. Result: we are free to seek out the optimal solution for every transport and every supply chain, including combining multiple shipments and using multimodal transport.

Some USPs of Caroz, THE control tower

  • Fully independent carrier selection, coordination, and reporting
  • Optimised operational performance through order-based supplier management
  • A single source of truth and detailed view on what’s happening right now
  • Visualisation of impact and root cause analysis of issues in your supply chain


Tendering with Caroz

THE control tower

Procurement Management

We provide a strategic approach to the procurement of transport and transport logistics services. Translating your organisational strategy and customer needs into procurement goals and carrier criteria, we guide you through the tendering process while focusing on what is important for you. Then we combine the best tariffs, quality, and performance to form a customised solution for each logistical challenge.

  • Strategic procurement consultancy and planning by experienced specialists
  • Tender management
  • Active carrier and carrier performance management
  • Flexibility and risk mitigation
  • One-off implementation of processes and agreements
  • One-off quotes
  • Transport and logistics market knowledge

Tender Management

Explore how we simplify your tendering process. With our market expertise, combined tendering volume, and customized agreements, you can save up to 10% on your logistics costs. Our team guides you through the tendering process, focusing on what matters most to you. We bring together the best rates, quality services, and top performance to create tailored solutions for every logistical challenge.

  1. Tendering volume
  2. Market knowledge
  3. Quantity & quality of the carriers invited
  4. Quality of the tender process

Performance Management

Performance indicators are built on data to provide the information you need to run improvement initiatives. Bringing together all your logistics and supply chain data in the Caroz Enterprise Portal ensures we can identify, track, and communicate your logistics and supply chain performance through KPIs that matter to your business. It’s all part of our commitment to achieving continuous improvement so, together, we continuously add value.
  • KPI dashboard
  • Continuous improvement
  • Performance reporting
  • Exception and risk management
  • Supply chain consultancy

Order Management

Acting as an independent agent, we coordinate your global sales and purchase orders and coordinate and manage both your inbound and outbound orders on a global scale. Our control tower operates as an extension of your internal organisation. Together we take your order management to a higher level by providing you with the right information at the right place at the right time. Real-time information from production until delivery at the final customer, with end-to-end visibility as the goal.

  • End-to-end management of orders
  • Global coverage
  • Near real-time track & trace
  • Supplier performance management
  • Management by exception
  • Consolidation & optimisation tooling

Finance Management

Caroz, THE control tower works with a multitude of carriers whose details have been implemented directly into our software. Thanks to this, we can 1), consolidate invoices to bring invoicing and claim management under the umbrella of the control tower, and 2), include automated checks on standardised payment terms and invoicing. Get insight into your work-in-progress financial flows with one click of the mouse and ensure you have control over your financial flows.

  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Standardised payment terms
  • Pre-financing solutions and agreements with financial authorities
  • Financial (work-in-progress) insight and reporting
  • Freight bill auditing and self-billing option

Caroz, THE TMS
Easy-to-optimise TMS software that gives you an edge

As distribution systems evolve from simple chains to holistic networks, managing them becomes increasingly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. Advanced transport management software puts collaboration at the heart of the business architecture and enables efficient order management. Result: next-generation TMS for logistics that turn established shippers into industry disruptors.