Volgende stap in Last-Mile Logistics: Duurzame oplossingen en strategisch partnerschap

Reducing road congestion, enhancing sustainability, and ensuring supply chain stability. L – founders of loyalty, Caroz and BCTN collaborate for enhanced supply chain solutions

We are delighted to announce a dynamic collaboration between L – founders of loyalty, Caroz and BCTN, aimed at the next step in last-mile freight transportation for
L – founders of loyalty (Rotterdam-Drunen and vice versa). Together, we are committed to removing approximately 90% of road-based freight traffic and introducing barge shipping as a sustainable alternative.

Over the past few months, a dedicated team consisting people of L – founders of loyalty, Caroz and BCTN have worked tirelessly to bring this ambitious project to fruition.
On Friday the 9th of June, we celebrated the official signing of the agreement, marking the commencement of our future (pilot) collaboration, set to begin on July 1st.

In addition to the significant sustainability benefits, which are of utmost importance to
L – founders of loyalty, this strategic partnership also ensures enhanced stability in the inbound and outbound transportation to and from the WHS in Drunen. For example, with these changes, the emission reduction is 77.699 kg CO2.

BCTN, our esteemed partner, is actively working towards sustainability. They aim to develop a future fleet of electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, and collaborate with Zero
Emission Services (ZES) to create battery systems for inland barges. The Inland Terminals Group plays a crucial role in deploying this technology, offering convenient recharging at their terminals and facilitating efficient battery exchange during loading and unloading.

Next year, there will be a significant development in the Den Bosch corridor as one barge is set to transition to fully electric propulsion. Furthermore, BCTN currently operates one watercraft powered by hydrogen, with the potential for another one in the future. Alongside these advancements, there are four hybrid ships already in service that can be retrofitted to operate as fully electric vessels. The ultimate objective remains steadfast: achieving complete emission-free navigation by the year 2030.

L – founders of loyalty & Caroz, THE control tower

What does it mean for L – founders of loyalty and Caroz? A lot! Both companies have sustainability in their focus for the upcoming years. And with the CSRD coming quickly, this is a huge step forward to minimalize their carbon emissions and footprint on the planet earth. Erik Visser (L – founders of loyalty):

“At L, we are setting the new standard in sustainable and state-of-the-art logistics
utilizing our many years of experience in the loyalty business. Within the L – founders of loyalty world-wide activities, our supply chain and logistics are responsible for a big part of our companies carbon footprint.

Therefore I’m happy that we, together with our partners, can improve both supply chain
performance while at the same time making steps in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting new developments in sustainable Logistics.”

We invite you to join us in this transformative aspiration as we reshape logistics operations, optimize supply chain efficiency, and make a positive environmental impact.

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