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As distribution systems evolve from simple chains to holistic networks, managing them becomes increasingly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. Advanced transport management software puts collaboration at the heart of the business architecture and enables efficient order management. Result: next-generation TMS for logistics that turn established shippers into industry disruptors.






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Caroz, THE TMS

Caroz, THE TMS is a tailormade transport management solution for shippers. It comprises a suite of comprehensive, flexible, and future-oriented logistics tools that put your customer order at the centre of every action. Caroz, THE TMS offers multi-enterprise integrations, end-to-end visibility, and the tools you need to arrange, coordinate, and manage orders down to the smallest details.

30 years’ experience in distribution software

Caroz, THE TMS, which began life as Informore, is fully scalable, with many extra functions and features having been added over its 30-year history. The extensive knowledge and experience of the team behind Caroz, THE TMS, make it both unique in the market and affordable versus the competition. A single logistics platform, it empowers you to orchestrate your supply chain, make decisions differently, and create measurable efficiency in total cost to serve. It empowers you to spend more time on your business and spend less time chasing supply chain issues.

Some USPs of Caroz, THE TMS

  • Extend order management into the logistics domain via a direct interface with your ERP
  • Find out which carrier offers the best rates on specific lanes and loads, and secure the information you need for a successful negotiation
  • Define your dedicated views, events, status to be monitored (SCEM), and optimise routes and load build using an Ortec plugin
  • Improve your operational performance through collaboration by gathering, sharing, and processing real-time data throughout the chain

THE TMS explained in 90 seconds

Logistics procurement

Maintain all your global logistics carrier tariffs, locations, transport modes, transit times, and related information in one place. Efficiently procure and select carriers, including spot sourcing. Check and compare routing options. Caroz transport management software also supports data access for sourcing, logistics, finance, and sales, plus What-if-Compare (WIC) comparisons for impact analysis of bid proposals.

  • Upload and compare any road, sea, or rail rate on a like-for-like basis
  • Maintain data easily by simply downloading and uploading standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Linked to The TMS’s ShipmentManager, ProcurementManager offers powerful rescheduling and recalculation tools

Order planning

Use our advanced TMS to plan and optimise transports and routes, plus automate appointment scheduling and dock planning. Gain order management and shipment visibility during execution, including supply chain event management and groupage.

  • Consolidate orders and optimise your load build with the Loadbuilder plugin
  • Manage and monitor the execution of shipments, including custom cut-off scenarios
  • Track execution and enable management by exceptions, and update your ERP business software with this information
  • Get pipeline visibility at the level of detail you require

Finance control

Control freight costs automatically and minimise additional detention, demurrage, and other fees through full visibility. Based on agreed matching rules, the invoicing process solution built into our transport management solution fully automates the freight bill auditing process.
  • Enable self-billing
  • Use three-way auditing of freight bills to ensure error-free debit and credit invoicing of carriers
  • Get freight bill auditing including multiple currencies, VAT regimes and other requirements
  • Fully automate the financial consolidation of shipments

Logistics reporting

Create custom reports on transport costs on any required level, including carrier performance and CO2 emissions per shipment. The Caroz TMS is the most comprehensive source for all your transport-related data, in one place, in one format.

  • Enable a daily data transfer to your own business intelligence (BI) tool or let us build your own Qlik reporting environment for you in a private cloud
  • See all transport costs on truck, container, shipment, leg, order, item, and product level
  • Get detailed and independent carrier performance reports
  • Get CO2-per-shipment calculations
  • Enable SOx and ISO-9000 compliance

Safety and security

Know you are fully backed up and your TMS information is secure at all times with our proven and certified processes and hosting.
  • Backup: backups are made in real time so you will never suffer a data loss
  • Failover: we offer one of the best failover systems, which can be live within two hours if anything happens to the data centre
  • Secure data: no human manipulation possible so you know the data is the truth
  • Detailed level of authorization for users
  • Secure hosting: our hosting provider has ISAE300/SOC2 Type II certified
  • Strong internal controls: we are ISAE 3402 type 2 certified and SSAE 16 compliant

135+ software integrations including:

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THE control tower
Your control tower solution: optimal logistics, no hassle

With business environments becoming increasingly complex, the need to see into and control your logistics network is greater than ever. This requires an in-depth understanding of what needs to be managed and deep knowledge of the options available to run a complex web of internal and external partners. Or you can leave it to us and Caroz, THE control tower.

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