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We are THE control tower specialist. We believe that we can make business better for our clients by managing their logistics performance.

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“There is a shift underway in logistics, a shift that you may not be aware of. Are you ready? We are.”
Move faster, reduce your costs, build loyalty, and be ready for what’s next? At Caroz, we help you do all those things. As an independent fourth-party logistics services provider (4PL), we offer the most advanced control tower and TMS shipping software on the market. Through this, we help you to accelerate and optimise your business. We enable the value-adding operational improvements and end-to-end visibility that your customers will love. We help you to increase your agility, anticipate changing market needs, and to innovate. And we improve your on-time delivery while driving down your costs.

Caroz achieves Great Place To Work Certification

Caroz, THE control tower, is thrilled to announce that it has earned the Great Place To Work Certified™ status. This recognition reflects our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture that values the contributions of every team member.

See our press release to learn more about this certification.

4PL control tower or software solution

As an independent global 4PL company, Caroz offers a full-service control tower solution, plus customisable transport management software for customers who want to run and optimise their supply chains themselves. See our press release to learn more about this gamechanger in logistics solutions.


The Caroz transport management system or shipper TMS is a flexible, comprehensive and forward-thinking software solution. Use it to orchestrate your logistics, make decisions differently, and create measurable efficiency in total cost to serve.

THE control tower

Caroz, THE control tower is a 4PL control tower solution that leverages the same powerful IT used in our TMS offering while coupling this to a full-service concept. In other words, our logistical experts manage your supply chain remotely, so you enjoy seamless and worry-free transport management.

Better Logistics

Logistics companies already use IT to optimise order picking, improve load building and to organise groupage, route planning, and dispatch. Their transport flows. But this is just the start. Next-generation digital logistics platforms are unleashing a revolution in supply chain management and logistics business processes. Like its aviation namesake, the 4PL control tower is helping to improve global logistics, in this case ensuring that each pallet, container, and product follows its best path to the customer.

Better Business

Whether we’re talking about other companies or consumers, people increasingly see sophisticated global logistics services as a valuable selling point. They want faster, on time, transparent tracking, and even white-glove service. As an experienced 4PL company, Caroz, can help you turn your international supply chain into a differentiated customer experience. Plus we can help you to improve your operations, become more agile, increase on-time delivery, and reduce costs.

For You

Work with Caroz and you can expect to see better supply chain performance and significant operating improvements. Using our 4PL knowhow to build an agile supply chain, we can help you to respond faster and more smoothly to changing market needs and to withstand supply chain disruption. We can help you to make your global logistics more sustainable and to improve your management control over it. We start by putting you at the heart of what we do.

Our story

Rudy Claessens launched Caroz as a traditional freight forwarder in 2000. But his dream was to build a 4PL company that would stand out in the market. In 2010, Caroz took its first steps into control tower solutions and a game-changing model in the transport management world. Since then, Caroz has added logistics management services and solutions, more and bigger clients, expanded into new countries and further developed the 4PL service concept. Today we are working towards being recognised as the world’s #1 control tower specialist and supplier of leading shipper TMS solutions.

Global Reach

As one of the biggest drivers of the global economy, companies in China and global organisations with operations in China have special needs, needs that Caroz, as an independent 4PL service provider is ideally placed to serve. Our centres of excellence in China and Hong Kong are located and designed to provide a seamless integration with your business requirements, while our personal approach and engagement make us your ideal partner for loyalty, reliability, honesty, and transparency.

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