Advanced 4PL control tower and TMS solutions

We do this by harnessing the power of digitisation, incorporating data analytics, and applying our passion for process optimisation and 4PL services. The result is orchestrated flows that are the best solution at every moment. Instead of rigidly trying to repeat what worked last time, we look at every option to get your products from the first mile to the last quickly, efficiently, and on time. You have two options to get your company and your products where you want to be: Caroz, THE Control Tower and Caroz, THE TMS distribution management software.

Caroz, THE Control Tower

Using our full-service 4PL control tower solution, Caroz, THE Control Tower, our experts take care of your complete supply chain process. Just tell us what you need to move where and by when, and we do the rest. We dynamically analyse your possibilities by forecasting traffic conditions and groupage options, requesting bids and coordinating hand-offs. And we guarantee transparency for you, your customers, and all the other parties involved. It’s creative customer focused thinking and knowhow combined with cutting-edge technology.

Caroz, THE Transport Management System

Want to manage your own logistics? Choose our transport management software, Caroz, THE TMS. This transportation management system or TMS comprises a suite of comprehensive, flexible, and future-oriented software modules to manage the distribution of your orders from A to Z. Caroz, THE TMS, which is custom tailored to each Caroz client, empowers you to put your customers at the centre of your global transport management system. It offers multi-enterprise integrations, end-to-end visibility, and the tools you need to arrange, coordinate, and manage transport orders down to the smallest details. This solution for shippers can also be scaled up as you grow. Use this single logistics platform to orchestrate your supply chain, make better decisions, improve your total cost to serve, and spend more time on your business and less time chasing supply chain issues.

Two choices, one result

No matter which solution you choose, be sure of this: good things will happen when we work together. Let’s go.

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